Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hello and 30 Day Lolita Meme

 This is my new blog, and it's going to be all lolita-centric. To introduce myself, I thought that doing meme might be a fun. 30 Day Lolita Meme seemed like a perfect one, so here!  

Day 1 – 5 things about your lolita bubble

1.Up until recently I used to be a lone lolita, but now our tiny Icelandic community is finally starting to get alive. 

2. When I started lolita over 2 years ago, I fell for sweet. But with time I discovered sweet does not suit me. Best styles for me are gothic or toned down classic. 
3. I love Victoria era. I'm starting to collect books that were written in or around Victorian times, I just love the feel they have to it. 

4. I'm a vegetarian, which isn't really lolita connected (lolita is not a reason why I'm a veggie), but I think that love for animals goes really well with this fashion. Personal opinion really. 

5.Before lolita, I've been into alternative fashion for already couple of years, mostly goth. Now I'm just a metal chick when I'm not in my frills. 

And, that would be it for today!